Message from the OBA President

Formally established in 1945, the Marist College Ashgrove Old Boys’ Association (OBA) has a proud history and continues to honour and respect the traditions of the School.

The purpose of the OBA is to:

  1. Establish a formal link between the College and past students
  2. Maintain and promote the College’s heritage
  3. Promote a spirit of connection amongst all Old Boys
  4. Provide bursary support to sons of old boys requiring financial assistance
  5. Offer guidance and leadership to Old Boys
  6. Support the College’s aims and objectives

The OBA promotes annual and milestone reunion functions, Old Boy events and networking opportunities.

All Old Boys are invited to join our community social media networks, including the Old Boys’ Association website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as well as the College’s social sites.

Ultimately, the OBA is here for you. I encourage all Marist College Ashgrove Old Boys to assist by registering to the Old Boys’ Hub to stay connected with your Association and College.

Tim Slack (1995)
Marist College Ashgrove Old Boys’ Association